THC Tea: Marijuana has found a way in people’s life way more easily than any other medic. Due to its qualities of reducing the stress, anxiety and body pain, it has become a tonic for people. Its health benefits have lead people to make THC infused edibles to eliminate the need of smoking completely and only consume the good qualities from it.

Marijuana tea or THC tea has a growing popularity among the crowd and it is pretty easy to make it and consume. It can be made with flavored tea bags, sugar or even alcohol in some cases boiled with a handful of marijuana leaves. You can have your own experiments while making the tea and pick the taste which you find the best.

The active ingredients of marijuana get extracted in boiling water, which is consumed with a flavour of the tea. The effects can be experienced after 30 minutes from consumption and can last for 4 to 8 hours.

There are several benefits of THC tea as listed below:

Decreases Chronic Pain


Marijuana has proven to help in relaxing muscles and prevent panic attacks and seizures from happening. It has been effective in reducing chronic pain. People who have sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, etc. can drink this tea to relieve pain. It is also helpful for healing mental health, which also affects the body.

Lower Nausea

People can suffer from Nausea if they have been under medication or have been through chemotherapy. Cannabis has been known to prevent nausea and increase appetite. Drinking tea can be a much healthier option than smoking marijuana as smoking may only add up to nausea while a tea can be refreshing and also offer the same benefits.

May Help in treating Autoimmune Disease

Diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, seizures, rheumatoid arthritis can be cured or healed to some extent, using marijuana. Cannabis or tea can be used as a herbal medicine to improve health in such cases.

Lower Anxiety

Anxiety is a problem that many of us are dealing with. Anxiety is a sister of chronic pain, and they both arrive together. Patients with chronic pain may experience mental anxiety while receiving treatments. Marijuana can help in providing the feeling of well being to such patients and help them relax.


Prevent Alzheimer

Cannabis has been researched and proved te beneficial in preventing the production of beta-amyloid proteins, which later causes memory loss. The study indicates cannabinoids are neuroprotective although there is still no hard proof for its tests on Alzheimer patient. What we do know is that cannabis provides anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective capabilities.

Marijuana tea is a healthier choice than smoking it, as it will prevent the consumption of tobacco, which is bad for your lungs and will also provide benefits of drinking tea.