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CBD Edibles Online: You can find CBD infused edibles in a number of online stores, physical stores, and CBD themed restaurants. CBD oil can be added to basically any kind of dessert. There are cake, cupcake, muffin, cookie, gummy, and candy edibles. That’s just to name a few examples. You can also add CBD oil when cooking regular food. CBD is also added to drinks like coffee. When you are choosing an edible, you aren’t limited to just the stereotypical brownie. Making and consuming CBD infused edibles has become a gourmet experience.

The Effects of CBD Edibles on the CBD Industry

The booming CBD edible industry has led to an increase of CBD products in general. There are now several different kinds of CBD infused products meant for skin care. And now there are CBD oil infused tissue repair creams, night creams, body lotions, bath bombs, and eye creams. There are also CBD infused lip balms, lip glosses, serums, sleep masks, and body oils. When people think of CBD infused products, they usually think of edibles. However, the list of products that contain CBD has expanded and will continue to expand over time.

Why Are CBD Products Popular?
CBD is commonly used in order to treat a variety of conditions. Research on CBD is limited and so we are constantly discovering new ways to use CBD to help others. Individuals with sleep disorders, fibromyalgia pain, anxiety, and multiple sclerosis can all benefit from using CBD.

How Does CBD Products Compare to Traditional Medications?

CBD Versus Anxiety and Depression Medications
SSRIS are used to treat depression and anxiety. SSRI medications include medications such as Prozac, Lexapro, Zolof, Paxil, and Celexa. All of these medications react differently depending on the individual. Some individuals may experience adverse side effects. These individuals must decide if treating their anxiety is worth experiencing the adverse side effects of the medications. Benzodiazepines are also used to treat anxiety. These medications are faster acting but they can be more addictive. The addictive properties make it less likely for a physician to prescribe them.

Side effects of Prozac

One of the most common side effects of Prozac is that individuals can experience strange dreams. These dreams may make less sense or be darker than normal. This side effect is comparable to intense lucid dreaming. The individual may feel emotions and sensations that normally cannot be felt in their dreams. For example, the individual may feel tired while dreaming. People with PTSD may not benefit from this medication due to how vivid the dreams can be. There is the possibility of their negative memories emerging in vivid detail during their dreams.

Individuals using Prozac may also suffer from stomach issues. They may have an upset stomach, nausea, or experience constipation. The medication may also cause anxiety, nervousness, and sleep problems in some individuals. On the bottle, there is also a warning that Prozac can cause dizziness in bold letters. The dizziness side effect can keep some people from staying on the medication. Prozac can also affect an individual’s sex drive and contribute to fertility problems.

Side Effects of Lexapro

Lexapro has similar side effects in comparison to Prozac. Lexapro can make individuals experience stomach issues and nausea. Individuals may also have trouble sleeping, suffer from increased anxiety, and experience dizziness. However, Lexapro also has the chance of causing an infection.  There are also increased side effects for children and adolescents. These age groups may be thirstier than normal, have trouble urinating, and experience slow growth. The individuals may also have nosebleeds and experience weight changes.

Side Effects of Zolof
Zolof can also cause an upset stomach and nausea. However, it can also cause diarrhea. Individuals may also see a decrease in appetite and an increase in sweating. Insomnia, drowsiness, dizziness, and dry mouth may also be issues for people on this medication.

Side Effects Paxil

Paxil can cause sleeplessness or drowsiness depending on the person. The medication may also make some individuals restless and nervous. Individuals may also experience sexual difficulties and weight changes. Dry mouth, constipation, and nausea are also possible symptoms. Unlike the other medications, Paxil can also cause ringing in the ears and nasal irritation.

Side Effects of Celexa
Celexa may cause insomnia or drowsiness. Individuals may also experience heart palpitations, increased sweating, and numbness. This medication can also affect an individual’s memory and concentration. In addition, the medication can cause stomach problems, nausea, sexual problems, and cold-like symptoms.

Side Effects of CBD

Some people may experience nausea, irritability, or fatigue when using CBD. However, CBD does not have any long-term side effects. You will not get high from CBD either.

CBD Can Be Better Than Traditional Anxiety and Depression Medications

CBD products have little to no side effects for most people. This makes them more beneficial than medication in some cases. In addition, you can experience the effects of CBD much faster in comparison to SSRI’s. The time that it takes for CBD to kick in depends on how it is administered. It may take an hour or more for edibles to kick in but the effects of the CBD also last for hours. |

SRRIS take some time to get into your system. Effects aren’t immediate and the effects go away if you stop taking the medication. It may take up to a month for an individual to start experiencing effects from the medication. This can be hard for people who have anxiety and need help immediately. You should also never discontinue taking an SSRI suddenly. It can make individuals seriously ill. Individuals must be weaned off of the medication. Benzodiazepines are also a bad choice for some people due to how addictive they are. They also come with a range of side effects like SSRIS.

What Kinds of CBD Centered Companies Have Emerged Because of Edibles?

Online/Physical Stores
Physical stores are starting to emerge wherever CBD is legal. Online shopping is also available for CBD products. Some sites may require a prescription or may not ship to certain states for legal reasons.

CBD Marketing Companies
Some marketing companies are now being created specifically to advertise CBD products such as edibles. These marketing companies must get around advertisement rules involving CBD products, in order to sell to a wider audience.


A restaurant having CBD infused coffee or drinks is rare. Serving CBD edibles sets companies apart due to the high demand and the lack of product availability. There are several eateries, restaurants, and cafes that serve CBD infused edibles. Some examples are the Monarch and Milk Weed Eatery in Vermont, the Gron Cafe in Oregon, and the Zen-Barn in Vermont. Pop-Cultivate in California has created unique CBD oil infused dishes such as BBQ ribs, oysters. honey pork, and sesame tofu triangles.

What Limitations Are in Place That Restrict CBD Centered Businesses?

Marketing Restrictions
Some sites such as Google and Facebook have their own rules when it comes to marketing CBD products. It is harder to advertise CBD related products on these sites.

Selling Restrictions
The legality of selling CBD products varies by state. Some states require that CBD may only be sold for medical usage and a prescription is required. Other states are more open with their regulations. The sale of any kind of CBD infused product is fine in these states as long as the CBD content is within a certain limit. A few states allow the sale of CBD edibles, but do not allow the selling of CBD for smoking purposes.

The varying laws on CBD selling makes it harder to sell to a wide audience. In addition, legal states may still require a permit and testing in order for a business to sell CBD infused products. Businesses may only sell certified CBD products. If the business does not sell certified CBD products, then it risks getting shut down. Businesses may also need to label their products in a specific way in order to follow regulations.

Product Restrictions
Companies must regulate how much CBD goes into their products. They also need to make sure that the amount of CBD is the same in all of their products.