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Recreational Marijuana: The headline got everyone attentive when Steve Sweeney, the president of Senate announced about the legalization of Marijuana and the voters importance accordingly. Senate president said when he tried to pass a declaration in senate regarding marijuana and its legalized rights, he couldn’t get right response. He further added that now government can go ahead with the expansion bill of marijuana with terms of medicine that has prevailed in Trenton, a city of New Jersey. He further added that this amendment regarding marijuana will also help in expunging the records of those criminals that are facing convictions due to using small levels of Marijuana.

According to NJTV FSDV News, Steve Sweeney said that as he couldn’t get enough votes in the senate regarding marijuana and its legalization. The next option is now the referendum of 2020 in the nation. Now the nation would decide if they want to bring amendments in the legalized rule of Marijuana or not. NJTV FSDV News posted a headline as

“We were attempting to get marijuana passed through the legislative process, the legalization of marijuana, and we just don’t have the votes to pass it right now. I made a decision as the president of the Senate that we’re going to move to a ballot initiative for the 2020 general election.” Steve Sweeney 2019.

On a question from the reporter regarding difficulty to bring the marijuana bill on ballot paper. Sweeney said that it should not be difficult because there are many things that nations decide through ballots and referendums. It would be easy enough for us to take it to the ballot paper. NJ News disclosed the words of Sweeney as:

“That’s probably the easiest thing, then getting it passed, which obviously I’m not going to underestimate. But a lot of the people in the state of New Jersey truly support the legalization of marijuana. And I would expect it to pass pretty easily.”

Reaction on President Steve Sweeney’s Statement:

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The American Democratic Party Politician and governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy also have some statement as a response on Steve’s statement while attending an event in Windsor in which official of the govt. had been gathered to discuss budget plan for the upcoming year. Murphy said that he cannot say yes or no to the statement of Sweeny. Because he is finding mixed reaction on the announcement of referendum. He said that:

“It is difficult to do it for the government and I find no shame in admitting this fact. Adult use of legalized marijuana is not a small thing to be discussed or addressed. Because for millions of years we have been capturing people on the use or spread of the smallest amounts of marijuana.”

He gave example of Vermont (a city in New Jersey) and said:

Historically we found on Vermont as a state that legalized marijuana or cannabis edibles however the thing was simple then. We at New Jersey have more complicated system than the state of Vermont. This is the reason, asking for people and doing a referendum will be difficult here.”

He further added:

“We are here talking about people who have been illegally spreading marijuana in the past and now they are completing their sentences in the jail. However, this bill will bring a relief to them because some of those are in pain just because of spreading small amounts of marijuana, the amount which we are talking about to be legal.”

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin Supports the Sweeney Plan:

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If we look at the statements from Murphy. It seems like he is a reluctant participant regarding the efforts of legalizing the marijuana and formation of cannabis edibles. However, Craig Coughlin, the speaker of Assembly seems to support Sweeney’s plan. Regarding an easy referendum in the nation for the legalization of marijuana. In a conference held on Wednesday, Craig said that:

We need to work as a team to prevail and convince our nation. Regarding proactive use of marijuana in the formation of cannabis edibles for mental and physical health of our people. If we work as team, we can convince nation and prevail marijuana as a legal drug.

How will Marijuana Referendum will Read to Ballot?

Here, a question arises that how marijuana referendum will reach to the ballets. Despite of all the opposition for the process. Let me tell you how it works:

In order to make it to the ballots. Thre fifth majority of the lawmakers will must have to approve the proposal of referendum. Another way is, if majority of the lawmakers will approve it twice in the consecutive years. The proposal can reach to the ballots. However, it is still unclear that which path from the both will be used to pass the bill. And to make the bill to the ballots.

Final Notes on the NJ Voters Likely To Decide Fate of Recreational Marijuana in 2020:

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Now as the ball is in the voters’ court, we will have to measure the reaction of the voters. In the list of voters there is not just opposition but there are also people who would like to make marijuana legal. Including those who run NJ marijuana dispensary and other companies that offer or sell marijuana. Along with NJ marijuana dispensary holders and cannabis edible sellers. There are also people who use marijuana edibles in order to make their brain and body work.

Results are yet to be seen but if we look at the benefits of cannabis edibles from NJ marijuana dispensary. We find the legalization of marijuana as the need of the time. We will have to wait for the time to see if Sweeney will be able to make his will of marijuana to the ballots. Or not and people’s reaction on this legalization. So, let’s wait for 2020 in order to see for the results.

Till then, for more information on the legalization and updates from the govt. keep visiting our pages.