Although CBD  oil and CBD edibles are legal in most parts of the country, a recent opinion by the Indiana attorney general has called into question the legality of CBD in the state. The only exception for use of CBD seems to be for seizure disorders that are resistant to traditional treatments, at least according to the opinion. For those living in Orange County, your Orange County lawyer is here to represent your interests in case you are arrested or fined for possession of CBD products.

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Confusion in the Law

The opinion of the state attorney general has resulted in considerable confusion about the law currently on the books. If interpreted by the attorney general, then all CBD-related products are illegal to sell to the general public. It can only be prescribed by a doctor for the aforementioned condition. However, the Indiana State Police have only been confiscating CBD products that have more than 0.3% THC which is the psychotropic compound in cannabis that causes euphoria to occur.

However, the Indiana State Excise Police, a different branch of the department. Has been confiscating all CBD edibles, oils, and other related products regardless of its THC content. The confusion combined with the opinion of the attorney general will no doubt lead to lawsuits. And possible passage of new laws to resolve the matter. This is where your Orange County lawyer can help in providing additional information about the current law.

cbd edibles

Effects of CBD

Although cannabis and marijuana products have been around for many decades. There have been few studies on the effects of CBD. This is because most of the focus has been on THC and its euphoric properties that gets users “high”. The CBD or cannabidiol is a different substance that does not have the same psychotropic effect. To qualify as CBD, it must contain less than 0.3% of THC.

While the scientific evidence is still lacking, anecdotal evidence from those who use CBD is considerable. There is no doubt to the effects of CBD on those who suffer from epilepsy and other seizure related conditions. But proponents of cannabidiol have been speaking to its many other effects on the body in the treatment of many common conditions.

cbd edibles

From treating anxiety and depression to addressing certain forms of cancer, the anecdotal evidence is considerable. However, despite all the information there can be no definitive conclusions until more research is completed. What can be said is that CBD has few, if any notable unwanted side effects. This means that for almost anyone who tries it at the proper dosage. They will experience a mild sense of relaxation and that is about it.

It’s clear that the current information and understanding of cannabidiol is still in its infancy. Until more research is completed, there will be states. Like Indiana that will restrict the sale of CBD edibles, oil, and other products to the general public. This is where your Orange County lawyer comes in to represent your interest. And defend your rights when it comes to the possession or sale of CBD.