NJ marijuana: The medicinal marijuana program that has been taken up by New Jersey since January is only swelling with each passing month. The state already has more than 30,000 patients enrolled for the program. And the state is constantly pursuing to increase the number. The project has been taken up by Phil Murphy and in the recent days. After a bunch of ordeals and negotiations the lawmakers to bring the marijuana companies. And the usage of medicinal marijuana under law.

marijuana companies

NJ marijuana

The law that has been brought about in the present states that New Jersey will have more than six NJ marijuana dispensaries selling medicinal marijuana in the state. Through NJ marijuana dispensaries that will in turn increase the demand and production of it. Besides, the laws will also strive at introducing simpler rules for the patients to have access to it; the rules will make it easier for the patients to buy escalated amounts of marijuana from a store or marijuana company. And consequently decrease the number of times the patients must visit the doctor to successfully get enrolled for the program. The usefulness of the program is visible in the fact that there have been long lines of patients waiting for the marijuana. But the dealers are not being able to supply with the amount that is necessary to keep up with the demand of the market.

Since the day Murphy took the responsibility of increasing the program, he has been incessantly working towards it; Although there has been no legal sanction from the state. He has already brought in thousands of more people and have now enabled six new businesses of marijuana with assistance from the Health department to meet the needs of the patients. Furthermore, the NJ marijuana program along with its associate is looking forward to increase the number of medicinal marijuana company to 24. To provide long-term relief for grave ailments.

marijuana companies


The new program has been named after Jake Honig who was a staunch user of marijuana to relieve himself from the painful clutches of cancer. And whenever he didn’t take course to it, he vomited and cried continuously. Thus in an attempt to propagate the beneficial effects of marijuana. And make it available for the mass. The law proposes a few important changes in the existing rules and they are as follows:

Rather than visiting a doctor 4 times through the year to get admitted in NJ Marijuana program and get in touch with the marijuana companies or NJ marijuana dispensaries. An annual visit will be sufficient.

The patients will have a scope to hoard 3 ounces of marijuana. Rather than 2 ounces for 18 months. And this limit will be completely eliminated in case of the patients suffering from terminal diseases.

NJ marijuana dispensaries

Patients belonging to different states will have a chance to buy marijuana when in New Jersey. But the privilege will be allowed no longer than six months.

The hospitals can be considered a mediator. Who will facilitate the supply of medicinal marijuana from the dealers to the patients in the hospital without much hassle.

Lastly, the rate of tax levied on marijuana dealers will be no more than 2%; and veteran, minorities and women owners will be granted with 15% of the licenses. Additionally, if you are unable to purchase the marijuana from the dealer or store itself. You can avail the home delivery option to get your hands on the marijuana faster.